Improving Livestock Genetics Worldwide

Our team has over 30 years’ experience working with farmers to get the right livestock and genetics (embryos and semen).

Our priority is the welfare and quality of the animals and products we deliver

Our mission is to improve livestock genetics around the world to create additional wealth for farmers.

Global destinations we supply round the world:​

  • AFRICA (Ethiopia, Tanzania)
  • ASIA (China, Philippines, Japan)
  • AUSTRALASIA (Australia, New Zealand)
  • EUROPE (Ireland, United Kingdom)
  • SOUTH AMERICA (Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay)

We Get It Right

HerdBuilder Export Services Ltd manages live exports, Our management team have a wealth of knowledge in sourcing and breeding elite dairy genetics. With a focus on developing and implementing breeding technologies to assist farmers to achieve their breeding needs both internationally and nationally. Here at HerdBuilder we care about the welfare, safety and quality of the product we deliver to our customers.

Livestock Breeding

The principals of HerdBuilder have been assisting their clients to increase production by improving their animal breeding objectives and business goals for over 30 years.

The Key features include:

  • Ability to adapt to process high forage intake diet, aggressive grazers
  • Livestock are medium size, with the capacity and ability to maintain body condition (Low maintance cost)
  • High fertility to perform and breed in seasonal conditions
  • Well recorded ancestry and production records held on the national database (90% farmer participation)
  • High milk solids content
  • Durability and longevity, average cow in NZ produces for 5 lactations
  • National Breeding objective drives for total profit per unit of feed (applicable across breeds)
  • Consistent high rate of genetic gain in NZ herd improvement program
  • Genetic Diversity available – NZ has sampled genetics from all major dairy populations, and selected those best adapted for pasture based production.
  • New Zealand has proven genetics to perform.

Dairy Cattle

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Beef Cattle

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Goats & Sheep

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​High Country Health Status

New Zealand has a high reputation for being free from significant production animal diseases,

  • Free of Brucellosis
  • Free of Leucosis
  • Free of Bluetongue
  • Low incidence of Tuberculosis with robust control scheme

Monitored under the National traceability scheme


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